Our dedicated education department consists of world-renowned education professionals, offering advisory services and access to the best private education. Through our tailor-made educational service, we offer expert advice on the best kindergartens, schools and universities in the most sought-after locations in the world.

Quality education is the key to the future and development of every child, and our goal is to provide a seamless, supportive transition as you go through every education phase. With extensive experience in placing children from all over the world in internationally recognized institutions and private education, our dedicated specialists offer personalized assessments, test preparation and end-to-end guidance and support.  

Successful admission to a private education or a top university is a competitive, rigorous and discouraging process, given the demanding admission requirements. With their well-informed prior knowledge, strategic approach and in-depth analysis of our students’ previous studies and future aspirations, our expert team will make personalized recommendations to ensure admission to the university that best fits the skills and ambitions of each student.