Our Services

The mission of our devoted team of luxury lifestyle managers is to enhance top athletes’ day-to-day lives and fulfil their biggest dreams.

Through bespoke experiences and lifestyle services, our team take care of every aspect of our members’ lives to give them back the luxury of time.

The Luxury of Time

In today’s fast-paced world, time has become one of our greatest luxuries.

At the heart of our philosophy is the devotion to giving our members back time, so they can enjoy more of the things they love.

Our lifestyle managers will secure priority restaurant reservations, book that dream holiday, plan business trips and score last-minute tickets to the hottest events. 

Meaningful Experiences

As the voice of luxury living, we are devoted to bringing more joy and meaning to the lives of our members, through the creation of memorable experiences. Our team of lifestyle managers will personalise and plan any package a member desires, be it a private meet-and-greet with an A-list celebrity, top chef, an immersive experience with a seasoned adventurer, or a private party to remember forever.

The Best Life Has to Offer

Our desire is to turn our members’ dreams into reality.

As the go-to service for the most discerning audience, we offer unparalleled access into the world of luxury.

Our specialist lifestyle managers will cater to every wish, such as securing a priority reservation at a three Michelin-starred restaurant in Milan, entry into the hottest new club in New York, top rates at a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, or an idyllic cruise around the Mediterranean.

And that’s just the beginning…

Our Specialists

Our dedicated team of luxury lifestyle specialists are on hand 24/7/365 to enhance and manage every aspect of our members’ lives. From planning their dream holiday or wedding, to creating a bespoke wine cellar plan, sourcing a rare piece or art, finding their forever home and ensuring our member’s children secure a top place at the world’s most prestigious schools and universities, we make dreams come true.

Investment & Financial Advisor

At Amslux, we understand the many concerns that top athletes face when preparing for an investment, whether it is five or twenty-five years old.

Our goal is to help our members have confidence in their future and pursue their vision of a comfortable retirement. 

Network & Resources

Our mission is to help our members implement and implement their projects with innovative ideas and solutions.

PR & Marketing

We specialises in sport, health & fitness and lifestyle.

We’re highly respected in the industry and continuously prove our value.

We work in partnership with our members on their PR & Marketing to help them achieve their business objectives.


Travel Arrangement

Our dedicated worldwide network of travel specialists reveals the most amazing destinations and offers tailor-made travel experiences.

From luxury hotels to the best resorts, private islands and alpine retreats, we plan and compile unique vacations tailored to personal wishes. 


Our team provides our members with all the information they need to know about car buying/leasing or trade-in process. We are a “friend in need.”

We guarantees the lowest selling price for the car you want, in the same time frame, and geographic area.

Personal Shopping & Stylist

Top-quality fashion guests are also familiar with our tailor-made personal shopping and styling service.

Our fashion specialists are tailored to every style and budget and use their deep industry connections to provide unparalleled access to the world’s most prestigious studios, designers and luxury brands.


As a top athlete it often happens that you have to move to another country.

Then you have to concentrate quickly on your new living environment, without having to worry about your move.

VIP Access

We can obtain tickets to a variety of exclusive and sold out events. Music concerts, theatre and opera, sports games, premières, charity balls and events in the world of film, fashion and TV.

VIP and hospitality access to seats and boxes at the O2 Arena, Wembley Arena and all other major venues is suddenly reachable.

Holiday Rentals

We search the world to find luxury accommodations at the most wanted locations.

Our lifestyle managers help you to make the best of every minute you spend with us. “


Our global team of culinary specialists and sommeliers have their finger firmly on the pulse of buzzy new restaurants, fine dining venues, private dining rooms, and the latest trends in food and wine.

Real Estate

Whether it is to buy, sell or rent a first-class home, our specialists will find the perfect home that matches every lifestyle and every investment goal. 

When it comes to buying, we fully understand and anticipate our clients’ current and future requirements to address specific areas, real estate types and short-list on- and off-market opportunities that are suitable for their lifestyle and financial needs.


Our dedicated education department consists of world-renowned education professionals, offering advisory services and access to the best private education.

Through our tailor-made educational service, we offer expert advice on the best kindergartens, schools and universities in the most sought-after locations in the world …